MV Coin Collection Supports Families of KIPP Houston Public Schools

Oct 18, 2017 | All School, Impact, Lower School News, Middle School News, Preschool News, Share the Well, Upper School News

When Hurricane Harvey devastated large parts of Texas in August, Mount Vernon’s Upper School Prefects immediately rallied their fellow students to help. After learning about PledgeCents, an education-based crowdfunding site, started by two young professionals in Houston, the students launched a coin collection drive throughout the School.Spreading the word through morning carpool, at weekly chapel, and through social media, MV students, parents, and teachers came together and made an enormous impact raising $3,648.19!Working directly with PledgeCents’ founders, the prefects selected the Family Emergency Fund at KIPP Houston Public Schools as the collection drive recipients. Connecting Mount Vernon with representatives of KIPP, the prefects learned 100% of the funds were directed to KIPP families to assist with immediate needs, such as: food, clothing, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.  
KIPP’s representatives shared words of gratitude saying, “As we headed into October, our students were excited to be back in school. KIPP Houston is, and will always be, eternally grateful for the incredible support we have received and continue to receive. We are not wavering on either our focus on excellence or our preparation of our students for college and choice-filled lives. As our list of thank yous continues to grow, so does our determination to make this a successful year for our KIPPsters. Our words can only begin to express our deep gratitude.”