MV Experts in Residence Conduct Mock College Interviews

Jan 14, 2015 | Uncategorized

image1As a part of Mount Vernon’s comprehensive college counseling program, many students recently participated in a mock college admissions interview night. While only a handful of colleges may conduct interviews for admission purposes, Director of College Counseling Erin McCubbin and Associate Director Pam Ambler organize these evenings with the idea that Mount Vernon students will be more prepared in the event they interview for admission, interview for a scholarship opportunity, or to land a summer internship.
Providing students a more real-world experience, several of Mount Vernon’s Experts in Residence served as the interviewers. Each interviewee, mostly juniors, participated in two 15-20 minute interviews. During the sessions students were posed questions such as:

  • What attributes of college most appeal to you?
  • What do you hope to experience in college?
  • How would your friends and family describe you?
  • Tell me about the most recent news article you read. Why did it catch your eye?
  • What are you known for at your high school?

Appreciating the time our Mount Vernon Experts in Residence contributed, many of them shared that the experience was well worth it…
“The mock interviews allowed me to see first hand the high caliber, engaged students we have at Mount Vernon.” – Holly Middleton
“I was happy to participate in this exercise, and impressed with the students!  My two candidates were very poised and articulate.”  – Gretchen Crawford
“The mock interviews were a rewarding opportunity to connect with Upper School students and help them build confidence in themselves as well as their interview skills.” – Lisa Drake
“Our students are very impressive. I admire their eagerness and willingness to improve themselves with this process and feedback. Every student should take advantage of this opportunity. And thanks to college counseling for making this important investment of time in our student’s success.” – Lisa Ford
Experts in ResidenceIMG_7827 is a new program at Mount Vernon allowing our families to share real life experiences in our classrooms. Our parents are uniquely positioned to provide authentic input and feedback to students throughout each division at Mount Vernon.