MV Interim 2022

Sep 22, 2021 | Blog, Interim, Upper School News

Where in the World is MV headed for Interim 2022?!

Launched in 2010, Interim Term is an innovative program at Mount Vernon offering Upper School learners opportunities to explore personal interests, integrate disciplines, expand their minds, and serve the public good.

As students work to become globally competitive, each year, Mount Vernon designs a variety of course offerings, programs, and trips that connect learners with tangible needs in the developing world.

In the past, MV students have traveled to Germany, Honduras, China, Morocco, Zambia, Nova Scotia, Peru, and more. But where in the World will MV go for Interim 2022?!

Last Friday, Upper School students and faculty participated in a scavenger hunt leading to the reveal of the 14 Interim 2022 trip locations.

A few of the clues shared were:

If you follow the Atlantic currents in a bottle with a cork,
You’ll swing by my island … and you might meet Björk!
I’ve got volcanoes and hot springs and renewable energy that’s clean.
Most people think that I’m frozen but I’m actually quite green.

I’m proud of my culture, my traditions, mi gente —
Like Lin Manuel-Miranda, Rita Moreno, and Roberto Clemente.
I’m a U.S. territory with 270 beaches on the ocean,
So enjoy a piragua and groove to the coqui commotion!

From the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to the bridges of Prague,
A Central European adventure is calling, so, hey — Guten Tag!
I’ve got pretzels and polka, ice hockey, castles and candles,
And great artists like Mucha, Bach, Beethoven, and Handel!

Did you guess any?! The answers to these three riddles are Iceland, Puerto Rico, and Germany and Czechia. View all of the clues and locations for Interim 2022 here.

For Upper School students who don’t go on an Interim Tip, two alternative options are available. Some students choose to further their learning, outside of the classroom, and participate in a week-long internship. Internships during Interim Term are designed to be educational and interesting while serving as a guide for students as they explore potential career aspirations. During Interim, interns spend Monday through Thursday with their mentor, then deliver a summary presentation to close out the week on Friday. Another opportunity presented to students is CORE, which stands for Collection of Relational Experiences. In the past, this has varied from a week-long retreat in the mountains of Tennessee to daily activities both across the city and state, and on campus.
More information on both Internships and CORE to come.