MV Littles Learn New Cultures

Feb 18, 2014 | Media Galleries, Preschool News, Uncategorized

Building a foundation for cultural competence in the Preschool years sets children up to be comfortable in an ever-shrinking global world. By exploring questions like, “What does breakfast look like in other countries?” “What games do kids in India play?” “How do African instruments sound?” “How can I say hello in Mandarin?” – our Preschoolers broadened their view of childhood and the world.
Recently each class spent several weeks celebrating the diversity of languages, countries, foods, arts, music and traditions of our MV Littles’ heritage. Family participation made this divisional project such a success and each day surprises from another country delighted the senses! Beginning with the idea of “what makes me special,” students expanded the conversation to include Preschool families and their diverse cultures. The Threes investigated music and art with families sharing presentations about Poland, Italy and China. Pre-K students mapped their family origins, shared stories from countries such as India, Germany and parts of Africa, and sampled some unique cuisine. Young Fives took a more focused approach, concentrating on Mexico and the cultural similarities and differences with our southern neighbor.
Working toward a greater understanding of international countries, Preschool teachers and students designed an International Marketplace experience. Together with their families, preschoolers traveled the hallways getting their “passports” stamped exploring the world.
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