MV Parent Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering, but not sure how or where, please contact Hunter Pierce at [email protected]. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Volunteer Opportunities for the 2021-22 School Year
Express Interest in the Committees you want to serve with here.

Parent Committees:

  1. Spirit Committee supports and promotes school spirit activities and wear in partnership with Booster and Friends of the Arts at the School.
  2. MV Cares Committee helps provide care and appreciation for our families, staff, faculty and greater community. The group helps organize school-wide faculty appreciation days, non-profit partnerships, parent prayer and service days, and activities such as meal trains and ‘care cards’ for staff and families managing loss or illness.
  3. Mustang Athletic Club (formerly Booster)Committee promotes and supports MV sports and other athletic activities at the School in conjunction with the Athletics Department.
  4. Friends of the Arts Committee promotes and supports MV Arts programming and activities at the School in conjunction with the Visual and Performing Arts Department.
  5. Major Events Committee helps plan and manage school-wide events, fundraisers, special activities, including but not limited to, Mustang Rally, Rock the Block, Grandparents Day, Volunteer Appreciation, Homecoming events, Auctions, and Galas.
  6. New Family Committee welcomes and helps orient new families to the School community.
  7. Communications Committee is responsible for communications between faculty, staff and parents, and capturing and sharing key activities of the School and MVPA committees across each grade level.
  8. MV Grandparents Committee provides grandparents with an opportunity to support the school’s mission, to help build a stronger community that is inclusive of our grandparents and caregivers, and to impact and engage in our students’ learning experience.
  9. MVXperts Network Committee works to connect and support the skills, services and businesses represented in the Mount Vernon parent community and elevate the needs and opportunities for mentors, experts and partners to support educational outcomes at the school.
  10. Giving Committee helps drive participation in the MV Fund and Rally sponsorship.
  11. Community Engagement Committee supports divisional and grade-level connections and engagement by leading grade-specific events, socials, and activities for families.
  12. Room Parents Committee helps strengthen parent and student connections within Preschool and Lower School classrooms, supports classroom needs, and bridges communications between faculty, staff and parents

Description of All Volunteer Roles