Apr 27, 2016 | Have Fun, Highlights, Lower School News, Maverick

Cf7XUjEWwAA7ncOOn April 13, Mount Vernon’s Lower School teachers learned a lesson in empathy by trading places with their colleagues for the day.
Inspired by reading the book Mindset, by Carol Dweck, grades K-4 faculty decided to step into one another’s shoes to experience teaching/learning from an alternate perspective. Each teacher swapped with someone in a different grade level for the entire day.
Grade 3 teacher Emily Trenney shares, “I was in Kate Jarrard’s first grade classroom for Teacher Swap Day and I loved working with first grade students and seeing how their day is organized differently from ours. Getting out of my normal comfort zone to explore another grade level was refreshing. I got to see how what they were doing in first grade directly connects to what we are doing in third grade.”
Things Teachers Liked: 

  • The smiles on teachers and kids faces.
  • Seeing teachers sitting together at lunch that normally don’t eat together.
  • Hearing Laughter.
  • Kids were excited.
  • It was a challenge – an opportunity to fail up.
  • Choosing which class/grade.
  • Getting to know different students.
  • Working with a new group of teachers.
  • The excitement of students and teacher.
  • The appreciation we developed for each other.
  • I loved being with the children I taught in K 🙂
  • I loved that my class loved Sarah! “She is beautiful like a princess!”
  • I loved seeing my kids all grown and how their passions have changed or how they have deepened.
  • I loved seeing how the things we learn in grade one influence grade 3!

Student Quotes: 

“Well, how do you like us?”
“You’re not supposed to correct the teacher, it’s bad manners.”
“We need to see how the rest of the day goes but you’re doing great.”
“Wow, you’re pretty fun!”
“It’s Wacky Wednesday. It’s wacky because the teachers don’t know where to go.”
“Last week, I was actually bitten by a crocodile”
“Mrs. Guttery is a 5-star teacher, just like you, Mrs. Bradford.”
“Don’t worry Mr. B. – I’ll help you out today.”

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Grade 2’s Mrs. Bradford took Kindergarten’s Mrs. Guttery’s class
Grade 2’s Miss Stephenson Eileen took Kindergarten’s Mrs. Fennelly’s class
Grade 2’s Ms. Rothbard took Kindergarten’s Mrs. Whitehead’s class
Grade 3’s Miss Trenney took Grade 1’s Mrs. Jarrard’s class
Grade 4’s Mrs. Farnham took Grade 1’s Mrs. Fedor’s class
Grade 3’s Miss Sikes took Grade 1’s Miss Fitzgerald’s class
Grade 4’s Miss Rhett took Grade 1’s Mrs. Edward’s class
Grade 4’s Mrs. Lintner took Grade 2’s Miss Stephenson’s class
Kindergarten’s Mrs. Fennelly took Grade 2’s Ms. Rothbard’s class
Kindergarten’s Mrs. Guttery took Grade 2’s Mrs. Bradford’s class
Grade 4’s Mrs. Gunter took Grade 2’s Miss Terry’s class
Christian Ed’s Mr. Baldesare took Grade 3’s Mr. Andres’ class
Kindergarten’s Mrs. Whitehead took Grade 3’s Miss Trenney’s class
Grade 1’s Miss Fitzgerald took Grade 3’s Miss Sikes’ class
Grade 1’s Mrs. Jarrard took Grade 4’s Mrs. Lintner’s class
Grade 1’s Mrs. Fedor took Grade 4’s Miss Rhett’s class
Grade 1’s Mrs. Edwards took Grade 4’s Mrs. Gunter’s class
Grade 2’s Miss Terry took Grade 4’s Mrs. Farnham’s class
Grade 3’s Mr. Andres took Christian Ed’s Mr. Baldesare’s class