MVPS & North Springs High: How might we be stronger together?

May 2, 2018 | All School, Humanities, Share the Well, Upper School News

Contributed by Allison Toller
At a young age, Mount Vernon students begin learning what it means to make an impact in the world. Whether it’s impacting one person or an entire community, the learning experience is exponential. When it involves students leading the way, that’s when the magic truly happens.Evidence of that beauty took shape this week when a group of Upper School students traveled to North Springs Charter High School to begin a conversation they’re calling #strongertogether.
The idea to form a partnership began earlier this year when students in Nikki Rucker’s Upper School Advanced Placement Language class asked the question: How might we bridge the gap between public schools and private schools to change the community?
After broaching the idea with administrators, students at North Springs quickly extended an invitation to Mount Vernon’s students to have ice cream and a conversation. Sitting together, the students got to know one another, by talking about clubs, sports, similarities and differences between the two schools, and ultimately brainstormed what they could do together in the future.
Says Mrs. Rucker, “The #strongertogether hashtag is representative of their overall goal to show the education world that public and private schools are stronger when they work together towards a common goal. I am personally very impressed with the organic nature of the initial meeting between MVPS and North Springs. When we remove our own concerns and worries and let kids be kids: great things happen.”
“I hope we can work together on many different community projects and activities and that it lasts for years to come,” shared Emmaus Yonas, Class of 2019.
The students have already started a group chat and are having courageous conversations about their initial fears and concerns as well as their hopes and plans for their next meeting in August to plan the 2018-19 school year where they are hoping to visit one another’s schools once per month.