MVPS Upper Schoolers Write to Win!

May 9, 2014 | Uncategorized, Upper School News

This spring, several Mount Vernon Upper School students represented our School in the GHSA 2013-2014 GHSA Literary Competition, bringing home several wins.
Early in the semester, Upper School English teacher, Mrs. Tussey, put out a call to her fellow faculty members requesting recommendations for students who were best qualified to represent Mount Vernon as prospective participants in the state-wide competition.
Organizing the entire effort, Mrs. Tussey chaperoned the eight selected MVPS students to Athens, GA to compete in six different events throughout the day.
Essay contestants received six prompts from which to choose: three pertaining to literary analysis and the others relating to current events. As an aspiring journalist and self-professed “news junkie,” sophomore Madeleine Williamson selected a current event prompt: “Should Pope Francis have been named ‘Time Magazine’s’ 2013 Person of the Year?” Madeleine explains, “This was a relevant and captivating prompt. It even provided an opportunity to incorporate information learned in my AP World History class. I also realized how how advantageous our WriteNow program is to me as a writer. Mount Vernon students write an improvised and timed essay every week, so I was well prepared to do so at the literary competition.”
After the competition, winners were notified of their placement, via email.
Freshman Marissa Mecke placed 4th in girls’ extemporaneous speaking categories, sophomore Will Thompson placed 3rd in the boys’ essay writing category, and taking 2nd place in the girls essay writing category, was Madeleine Williamson.
Congratulations writers!