National Honor Society Students Give Gift of Clean Water

May 17, 2016 | All School, Impact, Multiplier, Share the Well, Upper School News

IMG_1979With funds raised from selling Chick-fil-A biscuits on Thursday mornings at the Upper School, Mount Vernon’s National Honor Society (NHS) was able to share the gift of clean water with a community halfway around the world.
Through the Heifer International organization, a gift of $300 provides impoverished families and communities with irrigation pumps for better access to clean water.
Junior Anya Smith shares, “In NHS everything is voted on democratically, and for the first year ever, we actually made a profit from our various fundraisers and had the opportunity to decide what we would do with that money. Several ideas were put forward such as saving the money so that next year we could do a greater project, sending a community an animal such as a cow or sheep, providing a community with a water irrigation system, and supporting a research foundation for diabetes. In the end the vote was that we would keep 25% of the profit to kick off next year’s sales in hopes to end next year with a larger profit, and to provide a community with an irrigation system.”
Copy of Whitney_A.J.155Junior and NHS President-Elect AJ Whitney was asked several questions about the decision-making process and NHS as a whole.
Why did you select this organization?
“Because NHS is so student-led and driven, we decided, by voting as a group, that the money we had raised throughout the year should be donated to benefit those in our world who do not have the same opportunities as we do. After looking at many options, such as diabetes research, FurKids, and the Community Action Center, we decided we wanted to make an impact that would last generations. Through Heifer International, we were able to donate money to build a clean water source for an entire village, benefitting the lives of countless individuals.
What were some things you overheard during these discussions?
The students overall were enthusiastic and overjoyed that they were able to help others around the world have a chance for a better life. I heard things such as, ‘We are making a meaningful, long-lasting impact for this community,’ and ‘This organization is amazing, making it so that you are able to donate animals, clean water, the tools for professions, etc. We should be doing this more often.'”
What would you say this year’s group of NHS members has in common?  
‘This year’s group of NHS members has been one of the most well-rounded bodies we have had thus far. I do not mean that in the sense that everyone is alike; quite the opposite actually. I mean that we are filled with such unique people with strong passions and abilities that, when combined together, become something truly amazing. If next year can live up to the actions of this year, or better yet surpass them, I am sure that not just MVPS but also the world as a whole will be better off. The future looks bright with people such as these moving off into the world.”

As multipliers, NHS student leaders are making bold decisions and creating a ripple effect. With a strong combination of initiative and empathy, MVPS Upper School students are in position to make positive changes around the world.