Mount Vernon was recognized recently in Learning Deeply, the editorial section of Education Week, the premier source of news, information, and analysis on American pre-collegiate education. The collection of stories is organized by Harvard education professor Jal Mehta and Washington-based education writer Robert Rothman, students, teachers, administrators, researchers, and policymakers explore the practice and policy issues around expanding deeper learning.

In a piece written by educational leader/transformer and Mount Vernon friend, Grant Lichtman, our school is highlighted for blurring the lines between school and real-life.

Busting the Learning Boundary Between School and World

By Grant Lichtman
A colleague, Tim Fish, Director of Innovation for the National Association of Independent Schools tells a story about visiting Mount Vernon Presbyterian School last year. He was touring the “hive” an incubator-like space where high school students learn the skills and structures of design, and then put those into practice in partnership with organizations outside of the school. Tim was talking with two junior girls when a cell phone rang.  One of the girls very apologetically said, “I’m so sorry; I have to take this. It’s my client, ATT.”
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Additionally, in a tweet to his 28,900 followers, nationally acclaimed education transformer, author, and speaker Tony Wagner applauds Mount Vernon for the work done on and within the Innovation Diploma program.