NY Times Bestselling Author ‘Brings Blessings’ to MVPS

Nov 19, 2014 | Lower School News, Preschool News, Uncategorized

IMG_7522Sharing the gift of storytelling, the author of A Bucket of Blessings visited with students this week to read her bestselling picture book.

Surishtha Seghal wrote the mythical story set in India. The book, with captivating illustrations, tells a story of a monkey and his friends who live near a majestic mountain in a vast jungle where it has not rained for weeks and weeks. The village well and pond are dry, and Monkey and his friends look everywhere for water, without any luck. Then Monkey remembers a story his mama used to tell him, a story about how peacocks can make it rain by dancing. So he sets out to see if the story is true…
After reading her story Seghal talked with the children about the blessings in their own lives and the ways in which they might share blessings with their loved ones.

Graciously volunteering to sign book plates for any student and their family who was interested, Seghal’s book was sold to interested families for just $15.00. Her books will be delivered by December 1.

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