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2022-2023 Admissions Process

At Mount Vernon, we believe that relationships are foundational to establishing a love of learning and that when teachers truly know and understand their students’ curiosities and passions, incredible things can happen. Our Admissions Team is eager to connect with you and guide you on a journey of exploring all that Mount Vernon Online has to offer. We look forward to learning your story and sharing Mount Vernon with you.

The Admissions Journey

Step 1:


Step 1: Learn about MVOnline

Each month, we will offer a virtual open house to connect with the MV Team and to explore the School with others. Upon completing the Reservation Form, a virtual link will be emailed to you.

January 18
February 15
March 15
April 19
May 17

Additionally, you are welcome to schedule a call with Admissions.

Step 2:


Step 2: Start your application and share your story

For the 2022-2023 school year, Mount Vernon Online is currently accepting applications for Grade 9 only. Over the next several years, we will build out the entire Upper School, serving grades 9-12. Applications for the 2022-2023 school year will be open in January. Once accessible, the application process for MVOnline will include the following:

Application Form
$50 Non-Refundable Application Fee
Previous/Current School Records
Teacher Evaluation

Applications completed by April 1 will receive priority in the admissions process.

Step 3:


Step 3: Receive Admissions decision

MVOnline has a rolling admissions decision process. Admissions will contact you, regarding enrollment status, 2-3 weeks after the application process is complete.

Step 4:


Step 4: Join our community

Once your enrollment contract has been submitted, you’ll begin to receive information about connecting with the MV community and preparing for the 2022-2023 school year.


What is the tuition rate for Mount Vernon Online?

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Tuition for Grade 9 for the 2022-2023 school year will be a flat rate of $12,500, including a deposit of $1,500. Payment for tuition can be paid out through several pathways — one, three, or ten months. More information will be coming soon.

Are there additional fees to anticipate throughout the year?

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Students enrolled in Mount Vernon Online will not incur additional fees during the 2022-2023 school year. However, any expeditionary learning experience, opted in by students, could require additional cost. Not provided by Mount Vernon, students will need a laptop and access to wi-fi.

Is need-based financial aid available?

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At this time, need-based financial aid is not available for students applying to Mount Vernon Online.

Non-Discrimination Statement:
Students of any race, religion, national and/or ethnic origin, and any other protected class under state or federal law may be admitted.


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