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Established in 1972, The Mount Vernon School, located in Atlanta, Georgia, serves more than 1,200 day students in Preschool through Grade 12 on the Lower Campus and Upper Campus, encompassed by 47-acres of innovative, athletic, and performing arts spaces. Additionally, Mount Vernon is building an online campus to extend the opportunity for prospective students locally, nationally, and globally to connect to a strong community and to graduate from a nationally recognized, innovative independent school.

A Message from the Head of School

We Are Excited to Meet You

We look forward to partnering with you on your learning journey. From helping you choose the right courses to personalizing the activities in classes to supporting you where you are, we are excited that you will become part of the MVOnline Community. We believe that all great learning happens when students know their teachers and work together.

Relationships are foundational, especially when we connect online. We want your learning experience to be self-directed, guided by experts and based on your own curiosities. We want your learning experiences to feel meaningful with real and relevant activities. We want to get to know you to share what matters here and learn more about what matters to you.

Head of School

Kristy Lundstrom

Inquiry-Based Learning

At Mount Vernon, we pay attention to students’ questions. Every inquiry signals a path of exploration that will motivate and encourage deep learning. Through methods such as project-based learning, problem-based learning, design thinking, and visible thinking routines, experienced teachers facilitate engagement in key knowledge areas in STEM, humanities, arts & design, health and wellness, and world languages by connecting learning objectives to student interest.

Competency-Based Education

Instead of reporting on learning in the form of percentages in traditional categories such as homework, quizzes, and tests, Mount Vernon utilizes competencies to more clearly assess, track and inform student learning. Competencies include explicit, measurable, transferable learning objectives that empower learners to truly understand and take more ownership of their learning journey. Examples of competency areas include reads critically, writes effectively, expresses ideas skillfully, communicates mathematical reasoning, and develops experimental designs. Students develop and apply a broad set of skills and dispositions while leveling up through progressions of learning.

Innovation Leadership Network

By fostering meaningful relationships with global, national, state, and local marketplace leaders and partners who align with the School’s mission, students experience a variety of opportunities in diverse industries and environments (corporate, nonprofit, and civic), allowing students to follow sparks of motivation, interest, and curiosity. As a result, students develop a deep sense of agency, competence, and confidence when designing and creating. And they have a ton of fun bringing their ideas to life.

Expeditionary Learning

Expeditionary learning -- travel, internships, and/or innovative projects -- provides connections for authentic exploration, experimentation, and impact. This allows our students the opportunity to explore content in tangible environments to better understand where their learning actually lives in the world. Without field visits, they would not be able to collect data, curate artifacts, or make the connections necessary to enhance their knowledge. We believe that wondering and wandering beyond the online coursework can be a rich and valuable experience that makes learning more like real life.

Our Accreditation

We Are Reimagining Education

Supporting our transformation in the education sector, The Mount Vernon School is accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools and Cognia. Additionally, connected to The Mount Vernon School and MVOnline, the School runs a research & strategy lab, Mount Vernon Ventures, serving and consulting with schools throughout the world.

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