Opportunity + Passion = Relationships

Jan 10, 2018 | All School, Have Fun

At Mount Vernon open doors bring opportunity. As students are encouraged to seek these opportunities, so too, are faculty and staff. 
When an inquiry popped up on the new MV website chat feature, Director of Visual & Performing Arts Matthew Neylon was immediately informed. While every lead doesn’t pan out, this one did.
Upon collaboration with Director of Spiritual Life Brian Burchik, OBB (Oswald Brothers Band) was soon driving their tour bus on campus, to set their full-stage concert gear up in the Glenn Campus gym for a performance at chapel. 
During the first few periods, the boys in the band, Zach, Jacob and Nich, met with students in the grades 7 and 8 audio production class, Upper School Praise Band and the Upper School music production class, to share the nuts and bolts of playing music on the road as a touring band.
With dramatic lighting and a full audience, the Glenn Campus gym was transformed into a full-fledged concert scene. After playing a set of their original music, OBB joined Mr. Burchik for an on-stage interview. Through laughter, brotherly competition, and enthusiasm, the boys demonstrated their passion for music, down-to-earth nature, and willingness to make sacrifices.
Specifically, the brothers described the decisions they made in order to follow their passion. Growing up, they mowed lawns to afford new music equipment. To save money, they “ditched” their smartphones for two years. One of the brothers even sold his prized truck so the band could purchase a sound board. The lessons imparted on our students echo the values and principles we, as a school community, embrace.
Junior Nina Toller shares, “They were an awesome band. I thought it was a great way to kick off the new year and prep us for our upcoming chapel discussions about our passions.”
As a result of seeking opportunities and celebrating passions, Mount Vernon has developed yet another strong relationship so our students can continue to close the gap between school life and real life.