Perfection in the Kitchen

Jan 27, 2016 | All School, Impact, Inquiry, Maverick

BA2_0499At Mount Vernon, expectations are high…in the classroom, on the field, in conference rooms and also in the kitchen. Across the board, procedures and practices are constantly being evaluated, adjusted if necessary, and ultimately accounted for.
The kitchens on both campuses are no exception. Managed and staffed by SAGE Dining Services, Mount Vernon’s food service program exceeds industry standards when it comes to cleanliness, nutrition and sustainability.
Recently, an annual health inspection took place throughout both kitchens and dining areas. Inspectors examined the logs for food receiving temperatures, service temperatures, food handling procedures, storage, and general facility condition and sanitation.

BA2_6684SAGE employee Yunice Feliz shares, “It’s important to me to keep things clean behind the scenes so the students and teachers we serve will trust that the food they eat is good and healthy.”

The entire Mount Vernon community should take great pride in knowing that the score returned after analysis, was perfect. 100%. We are grateful for our partnership with SAGE, and can be assured that the standards will remain high.

Food Service Director Chef Allen Clark comments, “The SAGE team is focused on providing safe and healthy food to the MVPS community and we take the issues noted in our health inspections seriously and work to eliminate any noted shortcomings. I have a great team to work with, and they are committed to making every day a little better than last. The Health Inspection score when I arrived was 90. Our first inspection after my arrival was 96, then a 97 and now a 100. The leadership of the facilities team has allowed a dramatic improvement of the facility. We are grateful for our partnership.”