Preschool Parents Experience Curiosity-Based Learning

Nov 2, 2016 | Have Fun, Highlights, Inquiry, Preschool News, Share the Well

img_6038The curriculum in Preschool is driven by curiosity. Keeping the fundamental learning elements in mind, teachers encourage their students to determine their own topics to explore and discover, based on their collective curiosities and passions. Marking the halfway point in the fall semester, families were invited to the Preschool Fall Learning Showcase to experience their children’s learning.

img_6094Miss Kate’s Prekindergarten: After exploring outdoor living artifacts through dramatic play, and interviewing camping experts, Miss Kate’s students began to wonder,”How might we hike to our own campsite?” Using campus maps, honing in on Google Earth, researching online and in books, the students became map experts and collaborated to design and create their own map. They also worked in Studio(i) to build two wooden arrow directional signs. During the showcase the children utilized their map and directional signs to guide their parents on a journey from the classroom to a campsite they created on the Frontier.

Miss Debbie’s Prekindergarten class began with their natural passion for ice cream then read books about the frozen treat. In the dramatic play center they created their own ice cream store to run their pretend business scooping colored play dough for parents. Reflecting on the showcase, one parent said, “I love the fact that the kids were so hands on with this project. They learned how to measure, how to mix colors and how scents could flavor the ice cream. This was a great experience for my daughter, especially because she loves ice cream.”

In Miss Stacey’s Young Fives class, the showcase gave the children the opportunity to show their parents how water pumps work. Demonstrating the water station they engineered, students described their observations, research and their building process to their parents and peers.

Ms. Shann’s Threes class did a project surrounding cars. Two external experts were invited to Mount Vernon to discuss changing tires and race car engines. They used this and other experiences to build their own cars as well as to collaborate on light up model cars with third grade students. Parents enjoyed seeing the process the children went through and had a chance to ask three-year-old experts about cars.

In Miss Ashlee’s Threes classroom, children explored construction and transformed one area of the classroom into a workshop. During the learning showcase, children used everything they had learned about building to work with their parents to make bat houses for the Frontier. Miss Ashlee noted, “The parents loved getting their hands dirty and the kids loved taking charge of their learning.” img_6108 img_6073 img_6058 img_6046


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