Prom 2015 – Masquerade

Mar 24, 2015 | Upper School News


Bliss Mallory and William Pahl

The Prom season has begun meaning that “promposals” will soon be filling the halls. Some students, such as William Pahl, even took their promposals international. He asked fellow senior Bliss Mallory as they were walking the streets of Italy. Others, like Innes Forbes, took more of an artistic approach by using window markers to decorate their hopeful date.
This year’s prom, organized by Student Life Prefect Melanie Lane, will take place at the Fox Theatre in the Grand Salon and Terrace on Friday, April 10. Melanie wants to remind students that “while they are preparing their handsome tuxes and gorgeous gowns, the theme is a masquerade.”
Prom is an exciting time and takes a lot of preparation. Make sure that you make dinner reservations because there will only be appetizers served at the dance. Mrs. Parker would like to stress the requirement of filling out the date request form if you are bringing a date who does not attend Mount Vernon. Although the ticket price is not yet set, students can expect the price to be somewhere between $65 and $70.

Innes Forbes and Evelyn Sharkey

We are so excited and hope every junior and senior will attend and have a great time!