Reaching Academic Excellence

Jan 24, 2014 | Media Galleries, Uncategorized, Upper School News

The Upper School recently held its Winter Honors Assembly to honor and recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement during fall semester. All students who attained Honor Roll or Head of School List were recognized. Mount Vernon is truly blessed with an exceptional student body that embraces academic rigor, strives for excellence in all areas of endeavor, and demonstrates the Mount Vernon mind.
This year’s star student and star teacher were publicly announced at this assembly. Congratulations to Joseph Martin and to Dr. Tom Rounds for earning this esteemed achievement.
Also during this assembly, Dr. Brett Jacobsen announced the establishment of the Marsha Powell Fund in honor of Marsha Powell’s retirement this year. What a blessing it has been for Mount Vernon to have such an impactful faculty member for 36 years.
Ninth Grade Head of School List: (Students earning a GPA of 4.0 or higher)
William Armstrong, Jacob Buck, Steven Butz, Grace Colley, Ian Cox, Jonathan Gardner, Constantine Gavalas, Grace Ann Griffin, Maomao Guo, Jack Hale, Connor Hughes, Sam Lovejoy, Michael McConnell, James McGuire, Marisa Mecke, Jay Middleton, Madison Mitcham, Emily Moseley, Grant Nickell, Emmy Schaeffer, Christopher Smith, Anya Smith-Roman, Megan Taylor, Daniel Traurig, Luke Waller, Daniel Ward, Emme Watkins, Andie Weathers, Mia Whitney, A.J. Whitney, Brittany Whitstine, Kaylyn Winters, Jack Xiao
Ninth Grade Honor Roll: (Students earning a GPA of 3.5-3.9)
Mackenzie Farrah, Rebecca Fowler, Winston Fox, Jack Goins, Gabriela Gonzalez, Ryan Hackett, Charlotte Hedgepeth, Lucy Kilgore, Tyler Knight, Rachel Kosmos, Ahmir Lee, Spencer Meadows, Garrett Moorman, Jordan Nesseth, Jenny Park, Audrey Reid, Zakk Rosenberg, Mary May Schuessler, Alex Smith, Parker Smith, Cameron Snow, Ashley Springer, Nora Stout, Taylor Tengstrom, David Thomas, Mariam Toure, Connor Whitley , Matthan Yonas
Tenth Grade Head of School List: (Students earning a GPS of 4.0 or higher)
Anjana Anandkumar, Caroline Barnes, Erin Barnes, Aidan Brady, Autumn Burnette, Matthew Cooper, Caroline Corley, Kathryn Danner, Jordan Engle, Chandler Grove, Garrett Hahn, Emily Hollis, Kendall Jasper, EmilyAnn Kellogg, Kelsey Latimer, Taylor LeRoy, Garrett Matchan, Michael McDonald, Carson Mullen, Jacob Munoz, Kathleen Ryan, William Thompson, haley Todd, Brittany Walsh, Abby Watkins, Kate Weathers, Margaret White, Madeleine Williamson, Epi Yonas
Tenth Grade Honor Roll: (Students earning a GPS of 3.5-3.9)
Ming Byce, Makenzie Cartwright, Lauren Daniel, Tim DeShay, Katie Domenico, Josh Eastwood, Charlie Goldman, Jared Harper, Julia Haushalter, Alyse-Noel Hicks, Helen Hudgens, Nathan Lienau, Ben Martin, Cliff Miller, Alisha Taweel, Erin Thiel, Jael Ward
Eleventh Grade Head of School List: (Students earning a GPS of 4.0 or higher)
Alex Alba, Ryan Ardagna, Will Felts, George Gavalas, Lizzie Hartinger, JP Hayes, Harrison Jones, Melanie Lane, Bliss Mallory, Daniel Marcuse-Gonzalez, Alice McCurley, Sierra Middleton, William Pahl, Savannah Rettig, Stacey She, Johnnie Stupek, Arden Tahtinen, Chad Tawfik, Katherine Ward, Hunter Whitney, Parker Willsey, Hannah Zenas
Eleventh Grade Honor Roll: (Students earning a GPS of 3.5 or 3.9)
Rachel Carney, Dria Douglas, Innes Forbes, Noah Fried, Mackenzie Gaines, Patrick Helmke, Lizzie McLochlin, Lily Mecke, Hannah Onley, Evelyn Sharkey, David Stromquist, Ali Taylor, Gareth Tremege, Allie Tucker, Jon Walsh, Oliver Yowell
Twelfth Grade Head of School List: (Students earning a GPS of 4.0 or higher)
Valentina Amaya, Oladeji Awe, Meg Buchanan, Dana Cohen, Marina Daniels, Andrew Dobbins, Shelby Garde, Addie Goins, Alex Kolb, Bill Lampe, Bob Luo, Joseph Martin, Morgan McConnell, Jonathan Moore, Maddy Nelson, Kinsey Peterson, Cara Prince, Ally Schnetzer, Josh Swartz, Gina Zhang, Lavender Zhang
Twelfth Grade Honor Roll: (Students earning a GPS of 3.5 or 3.9)
Drew Anderson, Christian Burke, Allen Caldwell, Sarah Courtney, Keon Douglas, Sean Hastings, Amelia Kohl, Rebecca Liao, Nia Roberts, Parker Thiel, Emily Thomas, Margaret Vidor, Austin Wilcox
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