Reinforcing Christian Values through Seven Checkpoints

Jan 20, 2014 | Middle School News, Uncategorized

Middle School students continue growing this semester into individuals who are “grounded in Christian values.” During Middle School chapel and in small groups, the students are studying the Seven Checkpoints curriculum created by Andy Stanley. Last semester the students studied the main seven checkpoints that are identified as those that are the most important and critical issues facing teens.  
These seven checkpoints are:
  • authentic faith
  • spiritual disciplines
  • moral boundaries
  • healthy friendships
  • wise choices
  • ultimate authority
  • others first
This semester, students are continuing the same curriculum, but through the lens of seven Old Testament characters and their stories. The goal is to reinforce and equip students with the seven checkpoints while also building on their biblical literacy.  
They will be looking at:

  • Abraham in reference to authentic faith
  • Esther in reference to spiritual disciplines
  • David in reference to moral boundaries
  • Nehemiah in reference to healthy friendships
  • Noah and Solomon in reference to wise choices
  • Moses in reference to ultimate authority
  • Rebekah in reference to others first