Reunite Series

Mount Vernon is sharing Reunite, a three-part series, exploring interdependent, interconnected topics on what to expect for re-entry in August to launch the 2020-2021 school year.

The Reunite series addresses key objectives and priorities moving forward:

– Establish rigorous health and safety measures
– Design multiple teaching and learning models
Plan various student schedules for each division
– Maximize all spaces to reduce density of students/teachers
– Adjust financial models to support School families

Responding to a shifting pubic health situation, the proactive approach reflected in the Reunite Series allows the School to deploy the right model at the right moment.



Plan to Reunite in August 2020

Part 01: Implications for Finance & Operations provides an insight into Mount Vernon’s budget, demonstrates the School’s financial response to COVID-19, and communicates a tuition and fee schedule through the end of 2022.

Part 02: Implications for Teaching & Learning considers various assumptions, defines realistic challenges, and responds to shifting public health scenarios with multiple models to sustain the engagement and learning experience between students and teachers.

Part 03 – Implications for Health & Well-Being will examine the health and safety standards the School is considering for August.

The Mount Vernon School has committed to keeping tuition rates flat from 2020-2021 through 2021-2022 and has eliminated all student fees.

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During a time of global uncertainty, Mount Vernon continues to be a community that remains connected, maintains relationships, gives back , prepares for the future, and delivers exceptional learning outcomes.


Reunite August 2020

Mount Vernon is committed and ready to return to the School in August, predicated on a shifting, fluid health situation. Responding to uncertainty, the proactive approach reflected in the Reunite Series (Parts 01-03) allows the School to deploy the right model at the right moment. Gaining insight into emerging trends from public health and government officials in real time, all standards, protocols, and procedures considered are evolving and will continue to be updated to reflect the requirements and recommendations as they become available to the School. Ultimately, the top priority is the safety and health of the Mount Vernon community. 

Let’s Reunite!

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