Revealing Talent and Passion

May 5, 2015 | Have Fun, Media Galleries, Middle School News, Uncategorized

IMG_1271Solo singers, duets, a violinist, two magicians, and even the Middle School teachers recently took to the stage in what has become a favorite tradition among students. The Middle School Talent Show, orchestrated by Spanish teacher Derek McCloud, brought everybody out of their seats this year!
Featuring 11 acts, the competition was brimming with talent and passion. Three faculty and staff members served as the judges. Fifth grade Grammar and Composition teacher Mr. Pat Hall, Eighth grade Social Studies history teacher Mrs. Alex Bragg, and the Middle School Dean of Students (grades 5 & 6), LaTasha Mines, judged the performers on their performance, overall talent, and the reaction from the audience.
Coming in first place was Lauren Zelnak (5th) who played the violin. Second place was awarded to Katie Goodwyn (7th) who sang “You Don’t Have To Try” by Colbie Callait. And the award for third place went to Charlie Hale who mystified everyone by combining magic with comedy. The award for Honorable Mention went to the Blue-Eyed Peas, band members included Ella Uhde, Sydney Levitan, and Will Garner who sang “Riptide” by Vance Joy.
One of the biggest surprises during the talent show occurred toward the end while the judges deliberated over the results. Facing off in a lip sync battle, the male Middle School teachers serenaded staff member Sheryl Vrieze to the Back Street Boys’ “I Want it That Way.” Showing they, too ‘can’t stop moving’ , the Middle School female teachers danced and sang to Taylor Swift’s song “Shake it Off”. Big kudos go out to Derek McCloud, David Song, Mike Edmonson, Mary Beth Struble, Brittany Tripp, Emma Domby, Angel Kytle, and Kari Young for their outstanding performances!
The hosts of the talent show were very important, too, This year Brady Vincent (8th), Oliver Vanjaria (7th), Kiki Hale (8th), Robyn Bull (8th), Jill Parker (8th), Aria Morrill (8th), Belle Colley (6th), and Rachel Turner (6th) provided comic relief and entertainment between each act.
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