Saying Goodbye to an Old Landmark and Hello to a New Friend

Sep 8, 2014 | Lower School News, Uncategorized

Kim Turner image (1)

Photo courtesy of Kim Turner, Mom to Ruby (grade 4) and Rachel (grade 6)

For decades the old oak tree on the Founders Campus courtyard provided a broad umbrella of shade, twisted roots that were perfect for creating tiny make-believe villages, and just like a favorite uncle, stood as the centerpiece for ring-around-the-rosie.
Last week this old friend had to come down.
Earlier this year it became infested with wood bores. Once diagnosed, of course, it was treated immediately. However, due to its advanced age, was unable to recover. For the safety of the children, quick action was imperative. Armed with mighty trucks, a crane, multiple saws, ropes and a roll of caution tape, professional tree removers went to work.
While we are all sad to see this landmark go, there is a silver lining. 15 years ago, in anticipation of the old oak dying, a sapling was planted nearby, close to the parking lot. Next time you drive past the courtyard, you’ll notice there has been a changing of the guard — our new friend is ready to step up and stand tall.
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