Senior Retreat: You Wish You Were a Senior!

Sep 3, 2014 | Uncategorized, Upper School News

Recently, 53 seniors with four chaperones set off to Tennessee for the annual senior retreat. If one were to see a senior and ask them about the experience, the answer would likely echo a renewed school spirit, deepening bonds between friends, and a profound realization that in a year from now their lives will look completely different.
As is tradition, the seniors kicked off the retreat whitewater rafting on the middle Oconee– testing their teamwork as they tackled rapids up to class 4 in a thrilling experience for both experienced rafters and rookies alike. The evening rounded out with several renditions of the senior cheer (you wish you were a senior!), small group time, top secret senior traditions, s’mores, and songs around a bonfire. After very little sleep and before heading home, the group played a few rounds of paintball with the bruises to show for it.
By the time senior year rolls around, it’s easy to take on a sense of owning the place. In a way, they do. But the place owns them, too: the Class of 2015 is more invested in the School and in each other than they have ever been and they look forward to making many more memories during their last year of high school, together.