Spotlight Shines on Lower School Students During the Annual Talent Show

Jan 22, 2020 | Come to Play, Have Fun, IMAMUSTANG, Lower School News, Share the Well

Last Thursday and Friday, the spotlight was shining on a group of Lower School students who had the opportunity to share their talents with an audience in the annual Lower School Talent Show.

Interested Lower School students signed up and auditioned for the Talent Show in front of a panel of four judges. More than 50 acts auditioned this year, a record-high for this event!

The acts selected to be in the show had one rehearsal on stage, and two performances – one Thursday night for family and friends and one Friday morning for their classmates. See below for the full list of performers:

MV Grade 3-5 Competition Dance: Brooklyn Bollier, Claire Brown, Phia Calvo, Hannah Douglas, Eleena Eftekhar, Vivienne Greene, Lydia Katz, Caroline Kincaid, Mary Laborde, Austyn Mackintosh, Charlotte McNerney, Marcella Tapia, and Madison Zgutowicz
Victoria Weeks: Poetry
Macy Jane Christian: Singing Do Re Mi
Libby Patrick: Dancing to Noel
Brooke Marion: Hula-hooping
Caroline DeWire, Julianna Duguid, Carmen Overdyke, and Page Malloy: Dancing to Rise
Emilia Mansour and Salena Shah Sawyer: Gymnastics Dance to Liar

Collins Zgutowicz: Dancing to Havana/Seniorita
Hannah Tillman: Singing to When Jesus Say Yes
Ian Moore: Karate
Lily Snyder: Dancing to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Cade Dehem: Singing to Circles
Vedika Soni: Magic Show
Isabel Kim: Playing Piano to Mary Had a Little Lamb
Jessie Fentress and Reese Youmans: Dancing to Piece by Piece

Salena Shah Sawyer: Playing Ukele and Singing a Mashup
Hudsyn Bollier, Caroline DeWire, Julianna Duguid, Payton Durant, Paige Malloy, Ava Martin, Ella Najarian, Lily Snyder, and Collins Zgutowicz: Freeze Dance Scene
Charlotte McNerney: Dancing to Let It All Go
Cotton Dull: Singing We Are the Waiting
Hadley Ryan Giardino: Dancing to It’s Time to Celebrate
Eleena and Aneesa Eftekhar: Ice Skating to Sisters
Tina Alfred: Singing Count on Me

Harper McMillan and Anslee Ricksgers: Magic Show
Brooklyn Bollier, Hudsyn Bollier, and Claire Brown: Dancing to Water Me
Mason Tann and Madison Zgutowicz: Dancing to ABC
Maro Ogufere: Playing Piano to Fur Elise
Jacob Dockter, James Dockter, and Mason Ricksgers: Singing Friends
Elias Kim: Playing Piano to Sonatina
Callie and Cade Dehem: Dancing to Dynamite
Kiara Richards: Dancing to All of Me
Allie Parker: Singing Not a Song
Catherine Cox and Jackson Green: Singing, playing guitar and drumming to Hey Jude

A big thank you to Sienna Tiffin and Dylan Simontacchi who worked as the Stage Crew behind the scenes for the show!

Congratulations to all Talent Show performers!