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Design Thinkers Change the World.

Modeled after Stanford University’s Institute of Design, Mount Vernon teaches design thinking, people-centered problem solving. With an emphasis on collaboration and creativity, students discover, empathize, experiment, and produce solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.


Innovation Diploma

Innovation Diploma is more than a class. We are a start-up.

The Innovation Diploma offers an extraordinary opportunity for high school students to become lead designers and innovators in the community. Students accepted into the program earn an additional program track and certification.

Now in its fourth year, iDiploma students have already tackled issues and solved problems for a variety of organizations like AT&T, Porsche, the CDC, the city of Sandy Springs, and numerous non-profits.

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Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation

Navigating Innovation Needs a Guide

The Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation is a team of maverick leaders and educational designers who are helping schools transform through people-centered design. MVIFI grew from the thought and action leadership at Mount Vernon and maintains a symbiotic relationship as accelerator and amplifier of the School’s work. Continuously innovating ourselves, MVIFI provides leadership in transformational learning and school redesign in a number of ways.


MVIFI delivers on-site events such as “School Transformation Tours”, “School Reimagined”, and various summer camps. We welcome you to join us as we continue to creat the future of education.


MVIFI creates and supports program innovations at Mount Vernon, like Innovation Diploma and Maker, Design, and Engineering. We are designing opportunities that empower learners to be change agents.


MVIFI serves as a transformational design studio. We help organizations create dynamic growth, innovative practices and people-centered approaches to problem-solving.

Interim Term


Each year Upper School students have the opportunity to see the world, expand their thinking, explore personal interests, integrate disciplines, and learn through service.

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