Students Share VR with 250,000 Through Storytelling

Oct 24, 2018 | All School, Build People Up, Come to Play, courage over comfort, Fine Arts, Humanities, Impact, Upper School News

We are pleased to present the published version of ChildArt, an international magazine that Grade 9 Humanities students researched, wrote, and edited. Mount Vernon Graphic Designer Rikki Hagerty collaborated with the students and the publisher to bring the magazine to life. 
When ChildArt publisher Dr. Ashfaq Ishaq contacted Marie Graham, Humanities teacher and Director of Visual & Augmented Reality via LinkedIn and asked if she would be the guest editor of the next issue of Child Art magazine (its focus to be VR and deep learning), she knew it was time to pivot on her plans. Dr. Ishaq welcomed the idea that the students could be the editors, not her, and he Skyped in from the Watergate building in Washington, D.C.
Marie reflects, “As he announced the students’ new positions as guest editors, I reveled in the sight of their eyes growing larger and the energy building in the room. This is real-world work at its absolute finest. The students researched to find the best experts on our topic, learned to network using LinkedIn and other social media to make contact and engage the people they found, wrote professional emails, conducted thoughtful interviews, and wrote and edited their articles. The final product is something we are all proud of.”
Mount Vernon is highlighted in a four-page spread, beginning on page 8. This also provided the School with an opportunity for us to highlight our Alienware partner. There are 50,000 school subscriptions for this magazine, which includes the New York Public Library. The digital reach is over 250,000 individuals.

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