Surprise Guests Make the Final Senior Breakfast of 2021 Special

Dec 8, 2021 | Have Fun, IMAMUSTANG, Upper School News

Each month, the College Counseling team gathers the Class of 2022 in the Upper School Cafe for college applications information, fellowship, and tasty treats for their monthly Senior Breakfast. Each Senior Breakfast is sponsored by a group of senior parent volunteers who provide and serve breakfast to the group. 

Last week, the seniors gathered for their last Senior Breakfast of 2021 and were met by a multitude of surprises. 

To commemorate the season, the parents decorated a Christmas tree, complete with an ornament representing each of the 117 members of the Class of 2021. The breakfast was served by a group of parent “elves,” full of holiday spirit.

While the students were anticipating a morning of fun, they never expected the surprise guest who came to see them – Blooper, the mascot for the World Series Championship team, the Atlanta Braves. 

Blooper gave hugs, posed for selfies, and brought a new level of cheer and excitement to all the students, parents, and faculty in attendance. He served as the perfect surprise to end this calendar year on a high note.

Also in attendance were the Class of 2022’s four grade 3 teachers, Alix Jayne (previously Alix Rhett), Emily Edwards (previously Emily Trenney), Chris Andres, and retired and beloved MV teacher Lisa King. These four Mustang teachers were thrilled to surprise their past students and have a mini reunion celebration. 

Over the years, each has moved on to different areas of the School, but remain up-to-date on the happenings of their past students. Since her time with the Class of 2022, Emily Edwards has moved from grade 3 to grade 4, and is now the Head of Grade 5. Chris Andres moved from the Lower School to the Middle School where he serves as a Maker Teacher. Alix Jayne took her teaching talents to Colorado for a few years, but when she returned to Atlanta, she also returned home to Mount Vernon where she now serves as the Learning Coach for Grade 5. As a retired teacher, Lisa King continues to be one of MV’s biggest fans, always cheering on her past students and co-workers. 

To see the students all grown up, it was fabulous,” Lisa shared. “They’ve grown into such good people.”

In addition to their surprise guests, the seniors were also gifted a holiday Alpha and Omega surprise from the Preschool. At Mount Vernon, each senior is “adopted” by a Preschool student as part of our Alpha and Omega celebration. Throughout the year, the younger Mustangs find special, unique ways to celebrate their senior. Blooper even helped pass out the gifts!

We are grateful for the parents who make all of this possible – the parent volunteers who coordinate Alpha and Omega and the parents who sponsor, plan, and execute each Senior Breakfast. If there’s one thing we know to be true, it’s that at Mount Vernon, we are better together.