Thanks Mom! Soon-to-be Graduates Honor Their Mothers at the Senior Luncheon

Apr 11, 2014 | Media Galleries, Uncategorized, Upper School News

Mothers of the graduating class of 2014 enjoyed a special luncheon this week at the commencement season’s annual kickoff event. Leading the group in a heartfelt blessing, Head of Upper School, Tyler Thigpen, shared inspiring words preceding the festivities. Seniors enjoyed the time with their mothers during this season of celebration as they prepare to graduate and head off to college.
Each senior honored their mother with a sentimental letter, thanking her for the abundance of love she has shared over the years, molding them into the young people they are today.
Director of College Counseling, Marsha Powell coordinated this, her last Mother’s Luncheon, as she is retiring this year after many years of loyal service to the School. She expressed, “This group of seniors will remain special to me because they are my final group, but they are also a special group of young people because of their care and generous hearts for one another as a class.”
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