The Most Prop and Set Heavy Production Yet!

Oct 15, 2013 | Fine Arts, Uncategorized, Upper School News

After years of doing plays such as Antigone and Hamlet, Mount Vernon is presenting their first ever docudrama known as Seeds, which is revolutionizing the drama department here at our School.
The cast of Seeds will be the first cast to present this docudrama in the United States of America, and it is the most prop heavy play Mount Vernon has ever presented.
Every play has it’s props, but in our School’s production of Seeds, nearly nine hundred pounds of turf grass is spread across the stage! In September, the football team and the Seeds cast carried this turf from the football field to the Black Box Theater and cooperated together to spread the turf across the stage. In addition, the docudrama has many props concerning scientific matters, such as DNA dioramas, myriads of test tubes, and more.
Director of the show, Clark Taylor says that “This is one of the most prop and set heavy (pun definitely intended) we have produced yet. We have a huge amount of scientific equipment, coffee cups galore, baby strollers, vacuum cleaners, canola flowers and more.  Hank Kunath and his art students are making a statuette of Mahatma Ghandi right now from a Malibu Ken doll…yep.  Generally, we would not be working so soon with actual items, but they are so integral to the show, we are putting them into rehearsals as soon as we can.”
The production of Seeds is approaching showtime in early November and the cast and crew would love the support from the peers at Our School. Come out and support the drama department, and check out the nine hundred pound set premiering November 1.