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Mount Vernon Online

Right where you are…wherever you are…learning is not limited to time, place, or space. Whether you are an explorer, high performing athlete, accomplished artist, or homeschooler, what if your high school could travel with you? Beginning in August 2022, The Mount Vernon School is launching Mount Vernon Online, a high quality online learning experience, meeting the needs for the flexible family. Being connected to a strong community of corporate and non-profit experts, design thinkers, and caring and competent teachers, you will be able to graduate from a nationally recognized, innovative independent school while completing courses in a flexible environment.

We are a school of


Program Design

Amplified through real-world problem solving, students will have access to an innovative program and diverse network of partnerships, developing the knowledge, skills, and attributes to actively design a better world.

College Ready

Over the course of four years, a responsive team of academic advisors and college counselors will cultivate deep relationships with every Upper School family, creating a comprehensive blueprint for each student.


Connection with a strong community of caring and competent teachers will provide students support to nourish social and emotional development, strengthening one’s sense of identity, autonomy, and interdependence.

Connected Impact

Innovation Network

By fostering meaningful relationships with global, national, state, and local marketplace leaders and partners who align with the School’s mission, students experience a variety of opportunities in diverse industries and environments (corporate, nonprofit, and civic), allowing students to follow sparks of motivation, interest, and curiosity. As a result, students develop a deep sense of agency, competence, and confidence when designing and creating. And they have a ton of fun bringing their ideas to life.