The Story of the Cover – The MVPS Magazine Winter 2015 (Coming SOON!)

Jan 21, 2015 | Fine Arts, Uncategorized, Upper School News

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Senior Hannah Zenas was commissioned to paint the cover art for the Winter 2015 Magazine. In the spirit of design thinking, Hannah was asked to conceptualize and create a piece illustrating the path of a Mount Vernon student who, by graduation, would be real-world ready. She considered the horizon, with multiple options for college, and the waiting world. She thought of Mount Vernon’s iconic mustang as a symbol of tradition and steadfastness, taking the graduate through her journey.

IMG_1274 (1)

The first step in the process involves numerous sketches and notes, in order to develop the main concept and understand expectations.image

The painting begins to come to life, layer by layer.IMG_1302

The finished painting incorporates the journey as well as the message.IMG_1596

Hannah has been at Mount Vernon since Preschool. Similar to her artistic process, she, too, has evolved layer by layer.IMG_1610

“I actually built a client relationship by getting input and implementing feedback, which made my painting better. Usually, I have trouble knowing when to stop, but through this experience, we all figured it out together. It was a collaborative effort. Believe it or not, there was no pressure! I knew I could always pivot and adjust.
– Hannah Zenas, Class of 2015