Traveling the World Through the Preschool Lens

Feb 6, 2015 | Preschool News

IMG_1877For over a month, Preschoolers have been diving into different cultures of the world. With such a vast blend of customs represented throughout the classrooms, personal accounts and stories are easy to come by. Parents and special friends have been visiting regularly, bringing special foods, music, books, games, flags and activities to class – all to make the world a little smaller and within reach for our littlest learners.
Children created their own Batik fabric and asked why Batik makers in Southeast Asia wear little clothing, crafted their own fans and learned the traditional Korean fan dance, tasted Samosa from India, counted to ten in Thai, Italian, German and Spanish, made music with maracas and African drums, painted laying on their backs under a table like Michelangelo and handled multiple types of currency.
Demonstrations of their learning were exhibited during the International Marketplace event, where students went on an interactive global walk with their families, stamping passports and satisfying curiosity all along the way.
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