Underclassmen sweat, work, play, and bond

Nov 22, 2013 | Uncategorized, Upper School News

Recently students in grades 9-11 stepped off-campus, in different directions with their respective grades, and traveled at least an hour out of town for a two-day retreat. Several Upper School teachers accompanied each grade not only to chaperone, but to participate, as well.
Freshmen tested their fellow classmates’ trust and teamwork in Horns Creek, TN. Bonding occurred organically as they crawled through a pit of mud, then were blindfolded to follow a path by holding onto a rope and directed by voice only. Tommy Stupek describes the team effort stating, “Working together was amazing.” As a group, they praised God, played volleyball, and swam in the lake.
At Camp Glisson in Dahlonega, GA, sophomores zip-lined through the mountains, kayaked in the camp’s lake, had a late-night bonfire where they feasted on s’mores and reflected on the faith message they heard earlier that day. John Willingham says of the retreat, “I had a great time spending time with and growing closer to my classmates!”
The junior class loaded up and landed in Copperville, TN. Students strategized during paintball, overcame fears on the high ropes course and relied on teamwork while rockclimbing. At night they rehashed the day around a campfire while telling stories. Alex Alba reveals, “This retreat was more than a getaway from school, it was a time where teachers and students got to know each other better. As a new student, I can see how Mount Vernon cares about the student-student and student-teacher relationships.”