Upper School Academic Resource Services

Learning Coaches at Mount Vernon play an important role in enhancing the learning and growth of all learners. They collaborate with classroom teachers to create, revise, and implement new curriculum and best practices. Mount Vernon’s learning coaches offer academic support including observation, collaboration with students, teachers and parents, and recommendations for classroom strategies and accommodations. Referrals to tutors and other outside providers both on and off campus are an added benefit provided to families. Serving as educational consultants to all Mount Vernon stakeholders, Upper School learning coaches facilitate appropriate accommodations for students sharing outside psychological-educational evaluations with the School and request standardized testing accommodations. Additionally, the learning coaches encourage student development of executive functioning skills and assist teachers with the facilitation of specific strategies in their classes. Also, individual teacher tutorials are available to students. Upon teacher or parent request, students may schedule a time to meet individually with a learning coach to improve their study skills, organization, and overall performance.

For additional information please contact Director of Academic Resource Services, Samantha Flowers, [email protected].