Upper School Students Honored for Academics

Jan 18, 2017 | Highlights, Impact, Upper School News

At this year’s first semester Upper School Honors Assembly, over 70% of the Upper School student body received accolades for earning a spot on either the Head of School list (GPA of 4.0+) or Honor Roll (GPA of 3.5 – 3.99). A tradition during the assembly is to announce the School’s STAR student.

The PAGE Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) is sponsored, administered and promoted by the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE). Since its inception in 1958 the STAR program has honored nearly 26,000 students and the teachers selected as the most influential to their academic achievement. High school seniors must have the highest score on a single test date on the SAT and be in the top 10 percent or top 10 students of their class based on grade point average to qualify for STAR nomination.

IMG_4158Director of College Counseling announces senior Jacob Buck as Mount Vernon’s 2017 STAR student: “This student is steadfast, curious, and dynamic. He makes the most delicious baked goods and personally taught me how to use the vinyl cutter in our Maker Lab so that I could create a sticker for my computer. It is not an understatement to say that Jacob lives to serve and care for others. He is a self-motivated and determined individual whose aptitude and hard work ethic will lead him to future successes at any endeavor of his choice. He takes great pride in his personal performance in the classroom and in day-to-day activities. Be it touring new students as Ambassador Prefect, serving on the executive team for National Honor Society, or working toward his now achieved rank of Eagle, Jacob is one of the most mentally and morally strong students I have encountered. Congratulations, Jacob!”
STAR student Jacob Buck announces his STAR teacher:I went into this teacher’s class thinking that I would be done with it soon and I knew that I would never take it at an advanced level. But this teacher changed everything. I never had any idea what was going to happen in that class. I only knew that I was never going to have a dull day. Yelling, laughing, loud noises, and even the occasional moment of learning, prompted those around our class to tell us to be quiet. This teacher has such a wealth of knowledge and is able to impart it upon their students without them thinking that they are ever learning. Because of this teacher, I know that alongside engineering I will also be taking classes in the Classics department in college. I have been blessed to have this teacher over the years and the words “thank you” cannot even begin to cover the immense and unending gratitude I have for this person and friend. Thank you Mr. Baroody– there was never any doubt, you are my STAR teacher!”
Congratulations to all award recipients!
Grade 9 Head of School List  IMG_4029

Anderson Nathaniel
Barnes Olivia
Bruno Eliza
Carden Melinda
Casey Michael
Crim Karley
Dikeman Emery
Dubique Dhailijha
Durlacher August
Hudgins Elizabeth
Jakes Madelaine
Jones Katharine
Keller Grace
Meade Josephine
Middleton Harriet
Moorman William
Morge Kenneth
Nickell Charlotte
Palmer Jackson
Patnode Clayton
Peterson Katieanne
Pierce Nicholas
Qatsha Caroline
Schab Nicholas
Schouest Oliver
Shanks Catherine
Smith-Wolfe Kylie
Thomas Alexander
Tiffin Skyler
Waters Lauren
Watson Carson
Weber Anna

Grade 9 Honor Roll 

Baynton Charles
Benn Brandon
Casey Aidan
Christensen McLaren
Crandall James
Denney Jackson
Eaves Sarah
Hammond Jonathan
Harvey Jason
Holliday Charles
Hutchens Thomas
Kilgore Caroline
Kurlander Eleanor
McGuire John
Mette Alexander
Moore Ella
Moseley Stephen
Nikain Bijan
Phelps Townshend
Roberts Ruth
Sims Sarah
Singh Malena
Soteres James
Stefaniak-Earley Skylar
Stevens Max
Vanjaria Oliver
VanLandingham Alexander
Wright Clayton

Grade 10 Head of School List

Armstrong John
Corley Parker
Gonzalez Eduardo
Grove Mark
Hagenau Hannah
Hall Sidney
Hill Lauren
Hollosi Grant
Hudgins Madeleine
Jones Bryce
Koch Ashley
Long Madeleine
Lucas Spencer
McCarthy Shannon
Mecke Jacqueline
Meter Kate
Mitcham William
Mo Ivan
Morrill Aria
Morrison Charlotte
Mulrain Morgan
Parker Caroline
Pickering Anna
Reavely Anne
Romaniello Andrew
Sherrill Luke
Slayden Porter
Springer Mary Catherine
Stupek Zoe
Thompson Katherine
Thompson Carter
Toller Nina
Wilkes Amberly
Yonas Emmaus

Grade 10 Honor Roll

Bargeron William
Bloodworth Jacob
Blumencranz Robert
Castellon Melina
Cuthbertson Caroline
Dickson Kelly
Farrah Maverick
Hale Katherine
Hall Ashley
Hayes Katherine
Helton Jordan
Jimenez Elena
Lee Andrew
Moore Hayden
Mullen Jackson
Seeber Audrey
Vincent Brady
Walsh Courtney

Grade 11 Head of School List


Barton Lauren
Bennett Cameron
Blair James
Dautrich Deanna
Eaves Jake
Emerson Abigail
Jarrell Claire
Lew Nicolas
Lienau Megan
Lutes Mitchell
McCarthy Grace
Morrill Seth
Paul Dylan
Peterson Maxine
Schwartz Joshua
Sharkey William
Smith David
Stinnett Robert
Strode Arial
Traurig Sarah
Tyrrel Juliana
Weiss Maqueline

Grade 11 Honor Roll

Fears John
Garrison Cassidy
Inhouse John
Lusk Bailey
McCarthy Connor
Menkus Hannah
Phillips Delaney
Rapaport Madeline
Stowell Lily
Thompson Gabriella
Waters Sarah
Wilson Gabrielle

Grade 12 Head of School List

Buck Jacob
Butz Steven
Cox Ian
Edmonson Emma
Evertsen Peyton
Farrah Mackenzie
Gardner Jonathan
Griffin Grace
Guo Yuzhen
Hale Jack
Harris Alan
Hughes Connor
Langley David
Lovejoy Samuel
Maley Wells
McConnell Michael
McGuire James
Mecke Marisa
Middleton Jay
Mixon Margaret
Moorman Garrett
Moseley Emily
Mulunda Danyella
Ngeny Kippy
Nickell Grant
Peterson Robert
Roman Anastasia
Schaeffer Emelyn
Slade John
Smith Parker
Smith Christopher
Taylor Megan
Tengstrom Taylor
Thomas David
Thomsen Kate
Traurig Daniel
Waller Luke
Ward Daniel
Watkins Emily
Weathers Andrea
Whitney Aubrey
Whitney Amelia
Whitstine Brittany
Yonas Matthan

Grade 12 Honor Roll

Fowler Rebecca
Fox Dean
Gonzalez Gabriela
Hackett Ryan
Kilgore Mary
Knight Tyler
Kosmos Rachel
Mangum Ethan
Snow Cameron
Springer Ashley
Stupek Thomas