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MV Students are currently designing with and for:

Case Studies and Articles

Dell/Alienware Flagship VR Lab

The Fortune 500 company has chosen Mount Vernon to host their one and only flagship virtual reality lab in the country. The lab, conceived of and now managed by students, is being used to influence learning through empathy. Market Ready prototypes and public exhibits have already been developed for healthcare companies like CHOA and social justice organizations like The Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Working with CHOA to relieve pain in patients

Pediatric rehab patients face many challenges to complete the occupational and physical therapy that is necessary for recovery. The goal of this project was to use virtual reality to decrease discomfort for patients undergoing procedures (such as Functional electro-stimulation Therapy).We asked ourselves: How might we not only make the rehabilitation less uncomfortable to patients but secondarily, extend the efficacy of the treatment?

Center For Civil and Human Rights

The Center has asked iDiploma students to design a new exhibit, wanting to showcase Dr. King’s legacy and how it has impacted the modern world. Through hours of research, as well as new technology like virtual reality, students have a way to let visitors explore, interact, and ultimately understand and sympathize with Dr. King’s cause and the way that cause has evolved throughout history.

Guest Publishers and Writers: Childart Magazine

Because of the extensive work in VR and AR by Mount Vernon, students were contacted to publish, write, edit, and create content for the winter issue of Childart Magazine focusing on Virtual and Augmented Reality. Childart Magazine has been distributed worldwide since 1998.

Virtual Reality at Mount Vernon

Demonstrating how Mount Vernon turns vision into reality, a group of Upper School students and their teacher took the first steps to create a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Lab for the School. Through a partnership with Dell Alienware, Mount Vernon is launching a VR program to create empathy-based content with industry leaders to make an impact in the world.

Past/Present Speaking Engagements

Marie Graham is the VR/AR Lab Director at Mount Vernon. To date, she has presented or spoken at the following conferences and events.

Past Events/Conferences
Games For Change
VR for Makers
Philadelphia Technology/Innovation Retreat: Exponential/Transformational Technologies

AWE Conference with Tom Furness
Students as Makers: The Future of VR (featuring presentations by MV Students and Marie)
The End Game Summit: NYC

Upcoming Engagements

VR for Medicine 2020


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