When the Patient Becomes the Doctor: An Inspiration

Mar 20, 2019 | All School, Build People Up, Come to Play, courage over comfort, Middle School News, Upper School News

Both our Middle and Upper School communities had the privilege of hearing from guest speaker Dr. Jerome Lubbe at their respective chapel services. Dr. Jerome is a Functional Neurologist as well as the founder and CEO of Thrive Neuro Health.

With incredible insight and age-appropriate analogies, Dr. Jerome engaged our students in the topics of brain science, stress, anxiety, emphasizing what we might do practically as well as spiritually to calm our fears and think more clearly in times of stress. 

Dr. Jerome shared his personal story of growing up, which included immigrating to America with his family from South Africa with nothing more than one hundred dollars and two suitcases. He attended 11 different schools before graduating high school, and experienced a lot of trauma along the way, including losing his father when he was just fourteen. 

Dr. Jerome persevered through incredible struggle as a kid and teenager and now serves as the only board certified functional neurologist in Atlanta.

In his own words, Dr. Jerome shares, “Being a functional neurologist has shown me that the healing we once thought was impossible is actually possible. Neuroplasticity tells us that we are capable of change. If we understand the function of the brain, we can improve our way of life.”

Dr. Jerome ended our time by connecting faith and spirituality with brain science, sharing how the most common command in scripture is “Do not be afraid.” For him, spirituality and faith in God are perfectly connected with our need to feel safe, loved, and valued through all of life’s ups and downs. He also shared how Jesus exemplified the need to pause, breathe, and center ourselves when we face conflict and stressful situations.

We are so grateful for the time we spent with Dr. Jerome and look forward to future opportunities with this external expert.