The Confidence to Play With the Boys

Mar 23, 2022 | Blog, Come to Play, courage over comfort, Middle School News, MS Athletics

Grade 7 Isabella “Izzy” Dumler and grade 8 Loulee Easterlin aren’t afraid to get aggressive when it comes to lacrosse. Both girls, involved in club teams outside of the School, yearned for a way to represent Mount Vernon on a lacrosse team. With no girls teams offered at MV, what did they do? Joined the boys team, of course.

When Izzy decided to go out for the Middle School Lacrosse team, she was nervous. She shared that she was scared that it was going to be much harder, and that she would be treated differently than the other athletes, but for Izzy and her teammate Loulee, that hasn’t been the case.

Participating with the boys has taught me how to be a better person and teammate,” Loulee shared. “When I’m playing, I don’t feel excluded or different.”

After hearing teammates on their club teams talk about their experiences playing for their schools, the girls knew they wanted the same opportunity. What gave them the confidence to play with the boys? They weren’t the first at Mount Vernon to do it. 

I felt inspired to join the team because Elle Crawford had done it,” Izzy shared. “Elle kind of paved the way for us to feel comfortable and confident playing with the boys.” 

In an interview done with Elle in 2019, she shared: “I felt very comfortable with girls lacrosse and wanted to be challenged, but I was nervous because girls lacrosse isn’t a contact sport. When boys play, they are rough! I emailed the coach [at MV] and heard there were extra spots on the team, so I felt I had to go for it.” 

Elle was right. There are significant differences between girls and boys lacrosse. They wear different equipment, use different sized sticks, and have a different set of rules, especially regarding contact. 

Photo by Kate Parker

Boys lacrosse is much more aggressive than girls, but getting beat up every once in a while has taught me how to be more aggressive and stick with the game no matter how rough,” Loulee shared. “I now know girls can be just as tough as the boys.” 

When asked how she feels after being brave enough to join the boys team, Izzy shared, “I knew I wanted to play for my school. I just feel really proud of myself.” 

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