Year of Impact

This year, we honor 9/11 by kicking off MV Serves: Year of Impact. 

Year of Impact is a year-long integration of service. Beginning on September 11, our MV Community will commit to logging 50,000 hours of selfless service through May 11, 2022. This impactful opportunity will give us the chance to collectively give back while commemorating Mount Vernon’s 50th year. 

No matter what your passion, there are opportunities to serve – from helping those with food insecurity or residency challenges to animal welfare, and from letter-writing to tutoring. There is something for everyone at varying degrees of involvement and interaction. 

A list of organizational partnerships will be provided, however, our MV community can choose any 501c3 to impact. We encourage groups to serve together, either as families, athletic teams, theater casts, grade levels, or any other imaginable combination.

MV Serves to build community – internationally, locally, nationally, and globally.

Stay tuned for more information and get ready for an impactful year. We are better together, and together we will give back.