Virtual Thinking Routine Helps Shape MV Future Through Action

Jan 19, 2022 | All School, IDEA, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, News

Community. Joy. Connection. Diversity. Impact. Perspective. 

As a common teaching and learning practice to deepen skillsets throughout Mount Vernon, the School utilizes visible thinking routines (VTR) through math, science, humanities, and even electives to promote engagement, understanding, and independence. Recently in the Middle School, students participated in a visual thinking routine – Word, Phrase, Sentence – to reflect on the School’s IDEA statement. As Mount Vernon moves through its next strategic planning process, this was an opportunity for students to give thoughtful feedback, informing the future of the School.

During this VTR, students read the IDEA statement, then wrote words or phrases that stood out to them on post-it notes. Through projects like these, students are given a voice, and when that voice is paired with the MV IDEA mission statement and work, it leads to direct action. 

By living out inquiry, impact, and innovation, all students are invited to help design their future at Mount Vernon. 

Anchored in Christian values — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control — relationships at Mount Vernon are foundational to learning. Preparing students to be college ready, globally competitive, and engaged citizen leaders call us to lean in to inclusion, diversity, equity, and action.

Creating and cultivating connections between all people, ideas, and sectors, the School welcomes all learners to wrestle with voices and perspectives that challenge our assumptions, biases, stereotypes, and privileges. Not allowing our differences to divide us requires each of us to engage in honest, vulnerable, and courageous conversations through empathy, reflection, examination, and action. Being real agents of change is a continuous journey.”

Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, our trust in each other strengthens our sense of identity, autonomy, and interdependence. As a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact, we are committed to creating and sustaining a school culture where all members feel valued and safe, sharing their authentic selves to design a better world…together.”