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The Athletic Department is constantly looking for avenues to enhance the fan experience by offering new and improved outlets for the MV community to interact with each sport and our student-athletes.

One significant upgrade which debuted on the first day of the 2022-23 school year was “Mustang Vision”, the new 25-foot LED Video board, and updated sound equipment. Mustang Vision not only increases visibility from long distances, but it also creates more excitement and fan engagement with pre-game hype videos, player profiles, and in-game graphics. Beyond the athletes and spectators at Football, Flag Football, Track, Lacrosse, and Soccer matches taking place on the Ron Hill Field, Mustang Vision, and the new field provides an opportunity to gather.

Another exciting enhancement in the School’s efforts to continue to enhance the fan experience is the partnership with Mixlr, a hosting platform for audio-only live events and sports broadcasts. If you’re unable to attend some varsity games, you can hear play-by-play commentary over a computer or smartphone device.

Chandler Lee, Assistant Athletic Director and Sports Information Director, is the voice behind the commentary and is also working diligently to bring exciting developments like this.

“This is just one step closer to the ultimate goal to grow this audio production into a video production with student interest and help,” Coach Lee said.

The school hopes to involve an existing Upper School class or create a new one for students to act as on-air talent, production managers, camera operators, and sound engineers so they may gain real-world experience and test if they can imagine themselves in this career.

“It’s all about telling their stories and we have some amazing stories to tell. Our community is growing and we want to highlight all of the great things going on at our school as best as we can through the many avenues we have,” Coach Lee says.

Coach Lee has some additional tips for Mustang fans looking to stay up to date with all our team’s actions:

  • Download the Mascot Media App from the Athletics website to find schedules, rosters, and final scores on the go. Turn on notifications and the app will send final score alerts right to your phone.
  • For athletes and parents, the Athletics site is the destination for information on tryouts and links to ordering letterman jackets and spirit wear.
  • Follow MV Athletics Twitter and Instagram for updates on wins, losses, and player highlights.
  • Subscribe to the MV Athletics YouTube channel for interviews with players and coaches.

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