To ensure a quality learning experience for this generation of learners, high-performing faculty and staff are committed to robust standards in differentiating, customizing, and personalizing learning through inquiry-based and competency-based education. Supporting, empowering, and equipping learners with the literacies, skills, attributes, and relationships to be successful in college and beyond, Mount Vernon’s leaders are deeply committed to the School’s mission, vision, and values.

Kristy Lundstrom

Head of School and Chief Executive Officer

Serving Mount Vernon School’s Atlanta Campus and Mount Vernon School Online, with 25 years of experience in the United States and Europe, Kristy is an innovative educator with a depth of unmatched applied leadership coupled with a high level of emotional intelligence.

Before coming to Mount Vernon, she held a variety of leadership positions, including the Executive Director of the Viktor Rydberg Schools (7 independent bilingual schools) in Stockholm, Sweden, and the Head of School for the Scandinavian School of Brussels. Reflected in personal and professional motto, “Kids Go First” Kristy is a strong advocate for students, an inspiring mentor for faculty and staff, and a strategic visionary for the School.

MEET THE Leadership Team

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Bo Adams Chief Learning & Innovation Officer
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Kirsten Beard Chief Admissions Officer
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Courtney Stillwagon Chief Financial Officer
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Dr. Stacey Lee Chief Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action Officer
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Michele Koch Chief Brand & Communications Officer
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Matt Neylon Chief Talent & Experience Officer
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Denise McAdoo Executive Director, Community Giving & Impact
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Dr. Jennifer Santi Director of Technology
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Russ Malsnee Director of Safety & Security
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Trish Bogdanchik Head of Upper School
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Leah Hannon Head of Middle School
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Shelley Searcy Head of Lower Campus

Connecting Leaders By Divisions


Board of Trustees


  • Board Chair – Carl Streck
  • Vice Chair –  Todd Ehrlich
  • Treasurer – Shannon Banna
  • Secretary – Arjun Srinivasan

  • Kristy Lundstrom
  • The Rev. Barrett Abernethy

  • Billy Bastek
  • Ro Chopra
  • Dex Harris
  • Emily Johnston
  • Karen King
  • Chris Reinking
  • Andy Walker
  • Kathy Waller
  • Ken Wood