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Beginning in Grade 9, MVSO students will engage with the college counseling team and ultimately develop a strong partnership with one counselor over their 4 years. Through academic advising, a customized, comprehensive, and collaborative process, an individualized plan will be developed for each student.

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Built on a strong foundation of core educational methodologies, we pair an inquiry-based learning (IBL) approach with a design thinking process to guide students to be solution seekers and problem solvers through work that has direct application to an actual challenge. Through our blended approach we explore non-linear thinking, we build on relationships with people near and far, we brainstorm and prototype, and we test and iterate alternative solutions based on feedback.

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Humanities courses are crucial as they foster critical thinking, cultural awareness, and the ability to understand and navigate the complexities of human society.

Equipping students with problem-solving skills, innovative thinking, and the technical knowledge needed for the future job market STEM courses are essential.

World Language courses are vital as they enhance communication skills, cultural understanding, and global competence in an interconnected world. A minimum of 2 world language credits are required for graduation.

Nurturing creativity, self-expression, and the ability to think outside the box, Arts & Design courses enrich the overall educational experience. A minimum of 1 Fine Arts and 1 Maker are required for graduation.

Each student participates in iProject starting in Grade 9. Starting with a personal curiosity, each student will pursue a research project that is meaningful to them.


At every stage from early childhood to adulthood, deep learning through relevant and contextualized learning experiences. In everything we do, these are the specific literacies, skills, and attributes that create maximum impact.

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Kristy Lundstrom Head of School
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Trish Bogdanchik Head of Upper School
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Dr. David Paperno Director
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Ben Potter Dean of Student Life

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Annabelle and Anna are great friends and trailblazing MVSO graduates. Members of the Class of 2024, Annabelle and Anna forged new ground as the first two students to graduate from MVSO and now are ready to begin a new journey at SEC rival schools. Annabelle is heading to UGA, while Anna will be attending Alabama. Both are excited about what lies ahead in their next chapter.

Ben Potter

Dean of Students,
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