Mount Vernon Ventures, previously recognized as the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation (MVIFI), officially launched this summer. Led by Executive Director Alex Blumencranz. MV Ventures connects with other schools, helping to support, consult, and teach in areas such as mission and vision leadership, culture and brand, and innovative instructional design.

The Dewey Schools in Vietnam (TDS) is dedicated to 21st century experiential learning through real-world, project-based work. Their goal was to partner with a top-ranked school in the United States to integrate an innovative curriculum and pedagogy into their existing TDS curriculum.

TDS currently has two campuses located in Hanoi and Hai Phong. Construction is underway for a second campus in Hanoi with plans to add another industry-leading design building over the next two years. Designed by 180 Studio, a globally recognized building and space design firm which also provided inspiration for Mount Vernon’s new, award-winning 60,000 square-foot Upper School Building and credited with assisting MV with its Lower Campus’s redesign in 2014 – TDS’ new innovative spaces will include STEM labs, Maker Labs, movable walls and flexible furniture based on direct feedback from working with MV.

Mount Vernon will support the integration of its curriculum into TDS’ programs. TDS students will have the opportunity to attend MV’s Upper School and earn a dual Mount Vernon | TDS diploma.

Summer programs will offer TDS students a cultural immersion experience. MV teachers will have the opportunity to travel to Vietnam for continued TDS training and curriculum support, and MV students will be able to travel to Vietnam to learn more about the country and its culture.

As a school of inquiry, innovation, and now global impact, Mount Vernon is committed to designing a better world and is excited to offer both MV students and TDS students an international opportunity.