As we approach the final weeks of the School’s 50th year, we are reflecting on the impact we have made together as a community. Whether integrated into grade-level learning or independent service at local non-profit organizations, our MV community has pledged to log 50,000 hours of selfless service through the end of this academic year. 

As a school grounded in Christian values, Mount Vernon is committed to service learning. Extending its reach throughout Atlanta, the School has partnered with a variety of not-for-profit organizations to provide hands and hearts for good. 

Since launching on September 11, 2021, MV students, parents, faculty/staff, grandparents, and alumni have collectively logged 49,382.25 hours of impactful service. This leaves just 671.75 hours of service to reach our ambitious goal. 

49,328.25 hours served
671.75 hours to go!

Families, groups, teams, and individuals have continued to give back to others in the past seven months, through packing and delivering meals, coaching teams, hosting meetings, donating toys/clothes/household items, participating in fundraising walks/runs, gardening, serving on an MVPN committee, coordinating collection drives and much more. 

When asked what service does for his soul, Grade 9 student Jack Schimelman (who also logged the most entries as a student) responded,  I felt great after serving. Giving back to the people in need really makes me happy and it’s a thing I enjoy doing. It’s important because we are all so lucky to live the lives we live, we have a lot. Taking time out of your day to help those who could use the help will bring you farther in life. If you are thinking about service hours but aren’t so sure, give it a shot, try doing it with friends first, and see how it goes. Find somewhere local to sign up for service and try it out.”

Here are some examples of outstanding acts of service from our MV community:

Most Hours served by a student: Winsten Chiu with 220 hours of service
Singing in the Georgia Boys Choir

Most Entries by a student: Jack Schimelman with 6 individual entries (36 hours of service)
Chattahoochee Nature Center, Cleaned out the garden and reseeded (8 hours)
Chattahoochee Nature Center, Planted new garden items/cleared out the old (8 hours)
Community Assistance Center, Delivered food to homebound seniors (6 hours)
Community Assistance Center, Packed/delivered food to homebound seniors (4 hours)
Mount Vernon Towers, Helped senior citizens with meals and activities (10 hours)

Most Entries by a parent: Courtney Duckett with 13 individual entries (327 hours of service)
Solidarity Pantry, East Side Baseball, IDA Dyslexia Dash, MV Cares, ALS of Georgia

Most Hours served by a Grandparent: Maggie Boose with 780 hours of service
MV Uniform Resale, Assistance League of Atlanta

Most Hours served by a group: Flik Dining Services with 12,948 hours of service
Flik Dining Services has donated 200 pounds of food per week from the Upper Campus to Table on Delk and 132 pounds per week from the Lower Campus to Atlanta Touch.

Make YOUR hours count by logging them here.

We are better together, and together we give back.