As the leaves began to turn and the air turned cooler, students in PK4 found themselves captivated by the power and wonder of extreme weather. Beginning in September, when hurricane warnings buzzed just south of our region, the looming threat sparked a curiosity among students that ignited a journey of exploration into the world of weather phenomena.

The Wild Weather Project

Dubbed “The Wild Weather Project,” a 23-week immersive experience was designed by the PK4 team of Betsi Mallouk and Bryanna Polidor in partnership with Lower School Arts teacher Cheryl Bruno and Lower Campus Maker teacher Constanza Pizano to tap into student wonders about weather. The Wild Weather Project extended over 5 months and just concluded with a culminating event last week. Fueled by the students’ genuine interests, anticipation for project time became palpable in our daily routines as they engaged in a multitude of activities and experiences, while they learned about various weather phenomena.

Preschool students had the opportunity to collaborate with their sixth-grade counterparts. Together, they conducted experiments, created observational drawings, and engaged in lively discussions.

Under the guidance of Ms. Pizano, students created a collaborative rainbow art piece. Through this project, they not only examined mathematical concepts including size and quantity but they also explored the science behind rainbows, sparking inquiries into light refraction and the color spectrum.

Documenting their learning became an integral part of the journey, with students eagerly capturing their discoveries through drawings, writings, and photographs. From journal entries detailing their favorite extreme weather events to snapshots of their imaginative play depicting simulated storms, each documentation served as a testament to their growing knowledge and understanding.

Perhaps the most exciting phase of their exploration came when they put their newfound knowledge to the test. Armed with recycled materials, students constructed structures capable of withstanding the fury of mother nature. Their challenge? To safeguard a delicate raw egg nestled within their creations from the simulated onslaught of various storms.

They transformed ordinary materials into resilient fortresses. From the roar of fans mimicking tornadoes to the tremors of a shaking bed sheet simulating earthquakes, the students navigated through a whirlwind of challenges, guided by their curiosity and collaborative spirit.

As the culminating event approached, excitement reached a fever pitch. Parents were invited to witness their children’s ingenuity firsthand, as the students proudly showcased their creations. For these preschool students, this journey was more than just a scientific explorationโ€”it was a testament to the power of curiosity, collaboration, and creativity. As they reflected on their accomplishments, they emerged not only as budding scientists but also as resilient problem solvers, ready to tackle whatever challenges the future may hold.

In the end, their journey reminded us all of the remarkable potential that lies within each and every one of usโ€”to learn, to grow, and to weather any storm that comes our way.