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Students in the Upper School wrestle with real-world problems and use design thinking strategies to seek extraordinary solutions. Rather than being passive consumers of information, Upper School learners are invited to actively solve complex problems, with an emphasis on project and team-based approaches. Through global leadership, international travel, exchange programs, and deep collaboration with external experts, the School connects learners with tangible needs in the world, propelling them toward global competence. Students are actively engaged with community members, leaders, and businesses in their pursuit of innovation. Students are encouraged to explore the many, varied courses offered in the Upper School to develop the skills and competencies that will prepare them to thrive in a rapidly changing, diverse and globalized world.


At every stage from early childhood to adulthood, deep learning happens through relevant and contextualized learning experiences. In everything we do, these are the specific literacies, skills, and attributes that create maximum impact.

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Upper School learners experience a rich tapestry of English, humanities, and social studies. Their curiosity is ignited as they gain insight and perspective into the human experience. In dynamic science courses, students unleash their scientific inquiry and master the language of numbers unlocking new pathways with an engaging math curriculum. They immerse themselves in the beauty of different languages and cultures and experience a cutting-edge world of immersive technology, where innovation knows no bounds. Ready to explore further? Check out our comprehensive Course Catalog for more details and get ready to embark on an educational journey like no other!

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Students can explore endless possibilities of creative expression in the Upper School. From the captivating world of film broadcasting to the technically challenging realm of studio recording, the serenity of yoga and mindfulness to the exhilaration of competitive dance, the artistry of graphic design to the ingenuity of maker and engineering, and the immersive experiences of virtual reality to the prestigious stages of an internationally recognized theatre program. There’s something for everyone to dive into and unleash their creativity!

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In order to develop global competence each year, Mount Vernon designs a variety of course offerings, programs, and trips that promote future-focused skills, connect learners with tangible needs in the developing world, and propel Upper School learners into genuine engagement with real-world challenges and opportunities. Students have opportunities for foreign exchanges to study abroad. Additionally, many opportunities to gain Global experiences occur during Interim term.

Interim Term

The two signature programs offered in Upper School provide students opportunities to personalize their own learning making it relevant and meaningful to them, which is a recipe for lasting impact. In iProject students have an opportunity to drive their own learning and manage their own projects. iProject is a requirement for graduation. Innovation Diploma (iD) is a school within a school model where students apply for acceptance.

Mount Vernon Signature Programs

Over the course of four years, our College Counselors cultivate strong relationships with every Upper School family, in order to find the optimal college fit for each student. Through academic advising, a significant amount of planning and preparation goes into creating the blueprint for this customized, comprehensive, and collaborative process, as well as an individualized master plan for each student.

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In the Upper School, students engage in a weekly chapel experience, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Through service learning and hands-on service, Mount Vernon students collaborate with notable local and global organizations, driving positive change in their world. Their endeavors in exploration, research, and empathy, alongside unparalleled access to resources, facilitate real-world impacts. The leadership roles attained within various local organizations underscore their dedication to effecting meaningful change and leaving a lasting legacy.

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Competing in the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), Mount Vernon’s Athletic Department strives to holistically develop every student-athlete by cultivating an athletic community built on a team-first culture and sustained through empathy, respect, integrity, resilience, excellence, and fun.

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Students gather daily in small groups to celebrate and support each other while navigating life in school. Groups of students with a shared identity have a safe space to come together to support, celebrate, and affirm one another.

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Trish Bogdanchik Head of Upper School
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Abe Pachikara Associate Head of Upper School
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Brad Droke Dean of Student Life
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James McKeel Associate Dean of Student Life
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Dr. Erin McCubbin Executive Director
Student & Graduate Success
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Carly Pence Executive Assistant


At The Mount Vernon School, our Prefect System provides pathways for student agency, innovation, and empowerment, propelling our students to take charge of their educational journey. Through this dynamic system, we cultivate a culture of leadership and responsibility, where Prefects serve as catalysts for positive change within our community. They are not just leaders; they are visionaries, driving initiatives that redefine the boundaries of possibility. With their bold ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, Prefects inspire their peers to share ideas and perspectives to make our community better.

Prefects oversee specific student interest areas and in the past have included: Communications, Spiritual Life, Spirit, and Sustainability.

Herris Fentress

Upper School Head Prefect
2024 – 2025

“Student leadership at Mount Vernon is about embodying the values of our community, fostering inclusivity, and inspiring peers to strive for excellence. It’s a journey of growth, collaboration, and making a positive impact, both within our school and beyond.”

Student Agency


Cocoa Classic 5K Race Founder
Collin Maher



Student Agency: Transforming Mount Vernon through Sustainability

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Upper School Interim 2024 Recap

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Eric Cheek

Associate Director of Admissions -
Upper Campus

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