What does emotional well-being support look like?

Our counselors provide comprehensive, compassionate, and developmentally appropriate support. Together, we equip students with the tools to navigate the complexities of their emotional landscapes.

Wrap-around care involves various support systems engaging with community members across different contexts. Each division convenes its Divisional Collaborative Care team to regularly address cultural and community needs. Additionally, these teams collectively assess the overall school culture and climate, offering proactive education, instruction, and guidance while fulfilling individual student support roles.

By developing confidence through awareness, connection, insight, and purpose, every student is wholly supported and positioned for success.

Customized Support

The Collaborative Care team supports student’s literacies, skills, attributes, and relationship development through academic resources, counseling, nursing, and spiritual life with the student at the center and all areas of collaborative care purposely connected to support student success in our learning environment. The School understands transitional years require additional support and have dedicated resources for Grade 6 and Grade 9.

Our entire team works together to create customized support plans to meet student needs.


Counselors provide support to strengthen social and emotional development, deepen connections with others, and increase self-acceptance.


Learning specialists offer academic support to include observation, collaboration, and recommendations for strategies and accommodations.


Grounded in Christian values, we inspire one another to design a better world, searching for maximum impact.

In an environment where
students understand they are cared for, they are free to fully engage through inquiry, and embrace meaningful learning and experiences.

Collaborative Care Team

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Samantha Flowers Director of Academic Resource Services
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Josh Amerson Director of Spiritual Life, Upper Campus
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Elisse Hayes Director of Spiritual Life, Lower Campus
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Dr. Kelli Bynum Director of Counseling Services, Upper School
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James Hulett Director of Counseling Services, Middle School
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Stephanie Corbett Director of Counseling Services, Lower School
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Margaret Gunter Director of Grade 9 Counseling and Academic Support
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Kourtnay Abernathy Director of Grade 6 Counseling and Academic Support