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In Middle School learning experiences are authentic and relevant, promoting student engagement and inquiry. Foundational literacies are taught through the lens of research based practices: competency-based education, inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, and design-thinking. Executive functioning skills are developed and honed as students prepare for Upper School and beyond. Character development is amplified by engaging student agency, praising students for perseverance, guiding students through group and individual identity, giving students opportunities to work collaboratively, and encouraging them to be brave to try and try again. 


At every stage from early childhood to adulthood, deep learning happens through relevant and contextualized learning experiences. In everything we do, these are the specific literacies, skills, and attributes that create maximum impact.

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Middle School students gain knowledge at an extraordinary rate. In order to thrive, they need to acquire the confidence to use these new abilities by trusting in their own capabilities. In addition to emphasizing exploration in humanities, STEM, maker, math, arts, and world language, cultivating the skills of a design thinker in each child, we teach students to observe and question, build empathy muscles, experiment with prototypes, and iterate. We infuse people-centered problem-solving throughout a student’s experience. See how this Middle School course work supports the overarching approach to foundational knowledge and the students’ learning journey.

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Creative opportunities explode in Middle School as students explore an array of Arts & Design courses throughout the year to develop deeper skills in music performance and music production, digital/visual arts, maker, design, engineering, theatre, or wellness development. Extra-curricular opportunities provide access to professional-grade equipment for advanced-level design.

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Impact Design Lab (IDL) is a signature program all Grade 8 students experience. Students benefit from efforts to make school more reflective of real life. The real world offers challenges, problems, and opportunities that extend beyond the scope of a single discipline and requires the synthesis of knowledge and understanding across a variety of subject areas. With this in mind, interdisciplinary experiences set in authentic real-world contexts are prioritized where students are invited to engage and make an impact.

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Expeditionary learning gives our students the opportunity to explore content in an authentic environment to better understand where their learning actually lives in the world. Intersecting with a variety of professionals through field visits teaches our learners to make observations and conduct empathy interviews, curate artifacts, and make the connections necessary to extend their knowledge in a real-world setting. Participating in an annual class trip during Interim in Middle School offers students valuable opportunities for contextualized learning outside of metro-Atlanta based on topics they have been studying during that year. Class trips to Hendersonville, NC, Boston, MA, and Washington, DC, provide middle school-aged students with unique opportunities to cultivate independence, build resilience, and develop essential life skills through immersive experiences outside their familiar environments. Students can choose to participate in MV Phoenixfest which provides an at home experience to explore metro-Atlanta based museums and parks.

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Middle School students engage in a weekly chapel experience, fostering a sense of community and belonging. A student’s sense of self is shaped by experiences that are unique to each child, while common to our community. With a common goal of being curious and finding innovative ways to impact the world for good, Spiritual Life at Mount Vernon offers a space where students can show up with their beliefs and values and learn to co-exist with many faiths and religions.

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The Middle School collaborative care team provides support to strengthen social and emotional development, deepen connections with others, and increase awareness, belonging, and acceptance of oneself and others. In community, character development is devoted to mind and body which is essential to better navigate the increasing expectations of independence, self-awareness, self-leadership, and grace. Students are able to join small groups, seek 1:1 support from a middle school counselor, and have access to a dedicated middle school nurse.

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Competing in the Georgia Metro 10 league, Mount Vernon’s Athletic Department strives to holistically develop every student-athlete. We commit to cultivating an athletic community built on a team first culture and sustained through empathy, respect, integrity, resilience, excellence, and fun.

We design competitive programs led by growing, masterful, and passionate coaches who are focused on the skill development, health & wellbeing, and leadership growth of all student athletes.

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Leah Hannon Head of Middle School
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Max Hanson Associate Head of Middle School
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David Ayers Dean of Student Life
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Jackie Oliver Executive Assistant


Junior Prefects design opportunities to grow and give in the Middle School community, including the creation of a peer tutoring program, which has proven to be a wonderful opportunity for connection and support. Our Junior Prefects are the definition of leading from where they are as they gave back to the school by creating a peer tutoring program. They began by recruiting students who would be interested in supporting and tutoring other Middle School students. Peer tutors are matched with students who are seeking academic support, and this has proven to be a wonderful opportunity for connection and support.


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