Once a Mustang, Always a Mustang

Once a Mustang, Always a Mustang: By the time one becomes a Mount Vernon alum, they may have been a Mustang for 13+ years or just one. No matter the length of time, all who walk the halls add a little something to the Mustang magic, and are filled with it in return. As the Mount Vernon footprint expands to London, England, Dundee, Scotland, or on the track for Olympic Track & Field Trials, every Mustang can claim Once a Mustang, Always a Mustang.

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Alumni Stories

Kids Go First

Kids Go First

Coming to Mount Vernon for her first year as the Head of Upper School, Kristy Lundström brought along a personal and professional motto to share with the community - “kids go first.” Executive Director of Student and Graduate Success Erin McCubbin shares, “A good way...

The Douglas Family – Mustangs Through and Through

The Douglas Family – Mustangs Through and Through

"I pray that we have inspired and left love where we once stood. May God bless Mount Vernon, and know it will always have the support of the Douglas family." - Andre' Douglas If you've been at a Mount Vernon football game over the last five years, you've probably...

Alumni Spotlight – Hannah Onley, Class of 2015

Alumni Spotlight – Hannah Onley, Class of 2015

At Mount Vernon, we believe once a Mustang, always a Mustang, and just like we celebrate wins alongside our current faculty and students, we also celebrate the wins of our alumni as they excel in college and beyond. Today we highlight Hannah Onley, Class of 2015....

The Class of 2021

Welcome the Newest Alumni

While the journey to college originates for Mount Vernon students on day one in Preschool, the college application process officially launches in the ninth grade, as students enter Mount Vernon’s college counseling office about to embark on a personal and riveting expedition in order to find their fit.